09 March 2018

Galvanizer "Sanguine Vigil"

Band: Galvanizer
Title: Sanguine Vigil
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Release Date: 28 February 2018
Country: Finland

The band started in 2013 as a one-man project but transformed to old school death/grind
project of two men in 2014. As a trio since 2015, Finland’s Galvanizer now come to crush,
tear and rip with ferocity.
If you love the Finnish and Swedish grinding death metal, then Sanguine Vigil is just for you.
Even better if you are a die-hard fan of the genre – this is your present heaven. The album
takes to a journey back in time to the very early 90s, and if the listener doesn’t know it’s a
brand new album, he/she can easily be misled. Sanguine Vigil has everything that the classic
Scandinavian death metal albums had some 27 years ago: the distinctive sound of the guitar
amplifiers, the overall structure of the songs, the typical riffs, the tempo and the vocals. And
on top some pulverizing modern grind moments.
With just 30.46 minutes in total for Enjoyment of annihilation, the lads from Galvanizer
present their Gorefestation in 10 solid punching tracks, leaving nothing but a dark
misanthropic Mood for the blade. The overall feeling of raw hyper-intensive constant
butchery leads to a devastating stinking Premature rot. The album definitely leaves
Unfinished autopsy work for the future which I do look forward, as well as Deathbeat deity
for all the massacre die-hards who miss this album now.
In short, with so many death metal albums around nowadays, Sanguine vigil really is hyper
solid effort for my ears. You have to buy the record, play it loud and your neighbors will
suffer a painful end for their ill curiosity. Grind till…you are dead! 9/10 By Count Vlad